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  • Model EV-A10
  • Model EV-A10

    The Model EV-A10 air cooled dry pump offers industry leading specifications in an air cooled dry pump. The pump comes standard with four lockable casters/levelers.

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  • Small Air-Cooling Pump
  • No-Contact Design
  • High Pumping Speeds at Atmosphere
  • Highest Water Vapor Pumping of Any Air-Cooled Dry Pump
  • UL, CE, and NRTL rated
  • Single- and Three-Phase Versions Available
  • Load Locks
  • Analytical Instruments (LCMS, ICPMS)
  • Electron Microscopes
  • PVD Systems
  • Oxygen Plasma Systems
  • Specifications
    Pumping Speed, l/min Max 1,000
    Atmospheric Open 800
    Ultimate Pressure, Pa Gas Ballast: Off 1.0
    Gas Ballast: On 2.0
    Max. Inlet Pressure   Atmospheric Pressure
    Max. Water Vapor Pumping Rate (at
    Gas Ballast: On), g/hr
    Connection Gas Inlet NW40
    Gas Outlet NW25
    Approx. Power at Ultimate
    Pressure, kW
    Weight kg 72
    lbs 159
    Power Supply [1 Phase/100V model] ------
    [1 Phase/200V model] 1 Phase, 200-240V, 50/60Hz
    [3 Phase/200V model] 3 Phase, 200-240V, 50/60Hz

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