Oxidation (Wash)

Point-of-Use Abatement Oxidation (Wash)

Dynamic Oxidation is the most cost effective solution for pyrophoric gas abatement. Ebara Technologies, Inc. partners with Pure Air Systems to bring this groundbreaking oxidation technology to you. Large flows of pyrophoric gases like SiH4 are used extensively in Semiconductor and Thin Film Solar manufacturing processes. Dynamic oxidation provides one of the most reliable abatement methods at the lowest capital and operation cost. Managing the particles can be at integrated point-of-use in the system or scaled up to a facility system. The dynamic oxidation units can be fitted with a mechanical filter (S.DOC), no filters (S.DOC Cyclone) or water scrubber (E.DOC-SC) to handle any water soluble gases.

Features & Benefits


  • Silane. Dynamic Oxidation Chamber
  • Process flows up to 100 slm
  • >99% Silane destruction
  • >99% solids collection
  • Low airflow interlock to shut off or bypass gas inlet(s)
  • Cabinet exhaust for secondary containment
  • No cooling water, No fuel gas
  • Smallest footprint

S.DOC Cyclone and E.DOC-SC

  • Dynamic oxidation is a highly effective method to abate pyrophoric effluent gases.
  • A place where reactions are forced to occur.
  • Achieves high conversion efficiencies without active burning or added heat, by forced turbulent mixing of the pyrophorics with large quantities of air.
  • Each pyrophoric gas molecule undergoes numerous collisions with oxygen molecules increasing the probability of reaction to 100% and eliminating the hazards from the effluent stream.


S.DOC and S.DOC Cyclone

  • Silane
  • TEOS
  • Tungsten
  • Silane
  • Dichlorosilane
  • Ammonia
  • Phosphine


  • Chlorine
  • Boron Trichloride
  • Hydrogen Bromide
  • Ammonia
  • TEOS
  • Dichlorosilane


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Model S.DOC

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Model S.DOC Cyclone

Model E.DOC-SC