Thermal (Wash)

Point-of-Use Abatement Thermal (Wash)

Thermal Oxidation is an effective flexible solution for effluent gas abatement. Ebara Technologies, Inc. partners with Pure Air Systems to bring this groundbreaking oxidation technology to you. Integrating thermal oxidation with dynamic oxidation provides a safe, efficient and low cost effective abatement solution for toxic, flammable and global warming gases used extensively in Semiconductor, Photovoltaic /Solar and Thin Film Solar manufacturing processes. Managing the particles can be integrated at point-of-use in the system or scaled up to a facility system. The thermal oxidation units can be fitted with a mechanical filter (E.DOC-TH-F), no filters (E.DOC-TH Cyclone) or water scrubber (E.DOC-TH-SC) to handle any water soluble gases.

Features & Benefits

  • Thermal oxidation is highly effective gas abatement.
  • No fuel gas required.
  • Reaction temperatures from 900 ~1100 Celsius.
  • Uses ambient air for complete oxidation.
  • Easily scaled up for large gas flow systems with up to 1600 slm with 8 gas inlets.


  • Chlorine
  • Boron Trichloride
  • Hydrogen Bromide
  • Phosphine
  • Arsine
  • C2F6
  • CF4


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