Chemical Mechanical Polishing Systems

Chemical Mechanical Polishing Systems

Our Applications Engineering groups in Japan and the U.S. continue to push the envelope on the technologies required for tomorrow's devices. Whether this entails working on copper, low k dielectric planarization, or 300mm, EBARA has a chemical mechanical polishing system that meets your need.

EBARA has maintained its commitment to 300mm while many companies elected to postpone their programs. We now offer two models of 300mm CMP systems. Contact us for a demonstration of our 300mm tool in either an R&D or high-volume production environment today.

F-REX200 and F-REX300 chemical mechanical polishing systems are the enhanced versions of our dry in/dry out integrated clean CMP system. The F-REX200 offers a two-head, two-platen design with an optional buff station for greater process flexibility and increased throughput. The F-REX300 offers a two-head, two-platen and two-buff stations design, which allows for a customized process recipes and a 40% increase in throughput.

Features & Benefits

  • Proven EPO model Concepts Utilized
    • Dry-In / Dry-Out
    • 1 head on platen, 2 platens, 4 cleaning stations
    • Module design
    • Manufacturing support options: EPM, SMIF, and etc.
  • Throughput (Maximum designed output based on 2 min polish)
    • 50 = Parallel / 2 steps clean, 40 = Parallel / 3 steps clean
    • 25 = Serial Mode
  • New Features
    • 3 Step Chemical Cleaning
    • Buff Polish


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Model FREX200

Additional Information

EBARA's 200 mm CMP system, the F-REX200 utilizes EBARA's proven Dry-In / Dry-Out processing technology. The 2 platens, 1 head per platen deign with integrated four clean stations allows for flexibility in serial or parallel operation. Configuration options include: a Buff Polish Station, 4-Cassette Interface, Host Communication (Cim), Multiple Process Monitoring Capabilities, and Slurry/Chemical Supply Units. The FREX 200 is a flexible, user-oriented system.

Model FREX300

Additional Information

EBARA is proud to present its next generation 300 mm CMP system the F-REX300. This tool utilizes EBARA's proven Dry-In / Dry-Out processing technology. The two-head/two platen design with integrated four station cleaning allows for flexibility in serial or parallel operation. New features include 3-step chemical clean, buff stations, and 4 FOUP loader ports. The production proven platform extends EBARA's capabilities far beyond the next generation products. A 40% increase in throughput combined with industry leading features makes this the choice of many leading 300 mm fabs.