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The Ebara Technologies, Inc. Components Division supplies advanced vacuum and abatement technologies focused on semiconductor, photovoltaic and R&D. Components Division: Dry Vacuum Pumps, Turbomolecular Pumps, Point-of-Use Abatement, Exhaust Heaters & Traps, Vacuum Hardware, Related services

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The Ebara Technologies, Inc. Systems Division supplies advanced technologies to front-end and back-end semiconductor manufacturing for 200 mm and 300mm. Systems Division: Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP), Wafer Plating Systems, Bevel and Backside Clean Treatment Systems


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EBARA’s G-WS1000 Abatement System

Superior Gas Abatement Performance

EBARA Technologies is leading the way in exhaust abatement technology, by providing high-performance and environmentally sustainable solutions. EBARA’s Model G-WS1000 Point-of-Use Wet Scrubber provides superior gas abatement performance for water-soluble gases used in semiconductor, photovoltaic, and related industries. The Model G-WS1000 has a highly efficient four-segment chamber design, allowing high abatement efficiency and particle capture. The Model G-WS1000 features a streamlined four-inlet design with front-side access for ease of maintenance. The modular design allows for all parts to be replaced in the field, keeping maintenance costs low and increasing uptime.

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