Applications for Air Cooled Vacuum Pumps

Ebara continues to increase global market share in air cooled dry roughing pumps. Each of the unique 3 series designs allows an optimized vacuum solution when replacing rotary vane oil pumps.

Our EV-PA series ultra-compact screw module allows for easy integration into analytical equipment for retrofits on small tabletop mass spectrometers, electron microscopes allowing laboratories to operate in a zero-oil contamination environment. Light and portable they can equip portable residual gas analyzers (RGA) and helium leak detectors.

High pumping speeds of our EV-SA series enables the mass spectrometer manufacturers to increase sample flow rates at lower pressures and meet their goal of improved sensitivity. Lastly the robust roots design of our EV-A series, reliable and maintenance free it’s replacing oil pumps in industrial applications such as plasma cleaning, high purity gas cylinder evacuation. Also used in vacuum drying applications for example skin graft materials, providing exceptional water vapor handling capabilities.