To be global innovators/local providers of components and systems enabling our technology customers to achieve their business objectives through excellence in products and service.

Core Values

At ETI we believe that everyone should strive to uphold the following values. We feel that making these values part of our daily operation and interaction is essential to the continuing success of our company. Including these values in our business activities will enable us to meet the expectations of our employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate.


Make choices that allow personal and professional goals to co-exist. Appropriately distribute authority, capability and resources to achieve common goals and meet the needs of our employees, customers and suppliers, while providing a quality environment for our employees.


Commit to initiate and share information and ideas, respect and share information in a timely manner while discussing challenges and opportunities. Provide information and respond to the requests of our employees, customers and suppliers in a timely, clear and concise manner.


Take ownership for what we do and honor commitments made. Give people the knowledge, information and authority to do their jobs and hold them responsible for the outcome. Consistently deliver on our commitments to our employees, customers and suppliers.


Pursue ideas for which we have conviction despite the fear of failure or rejection. Embrace all company decisions with equal enthusiasm. Consistently meet and exceed challenges set by our employees, customers and suppliers through perseverance and willingness to take risks.


Act with personal integrity and honesty, with the faith that others are doing the same. Consistently live up to the promises and commitments you have made, while acknowledging any shortcomings. Demonstrate to fellow employees, customers and suppliers that our words and actions are consistent with our shared values.


Be truthful in all that we say and do, fully disclose appropriate corporate information and plans, and consistently provide credible information to fellow employees, customers and suppliers.


Seek skills to enhance personal growth, encourage development, application and sharing of knowledge for the betterment of the organization. Understand and respond to the expectations and aspirations of our fellow employees, customers and suppliers.