LAM Global Workplace Solutions Award

LAM Global Workplace Solutions is the organization at LAM that has campus wide responsibility at each of the LAM Sites for all functions from Landscape Maintenance to Lab Operations and everything in between. 

Each Year, LAM recognize outstanding achievement and this year they have chosen the Ebara Site Services Team as the 'Vendor of the Year' from among all 100+ contracting companies they work with. The criteria by which this recognition is awarded are:

Overall Business units satisfaction:

  • Escalation support
  • Technical support
  • Coverage flexibility
  • Willingness to step outside of specifically contracted responsibilities/going the extra mile
  • ISO audit records
  • Adherence to LAM's core values
  • Cooperation with LAM/Non LAM Employees
  • Safety incident records
  • Participation in monthly safety classes (provided by Fremont fire department on-site)
  • Engagement in ERT events

Pictured from Left to Right: Brian Estes, Ilya Yagolnikov, Austin Estes and Marc Griffin.