Newest Multi-Process Use Dry Vacuum Pump Released

Ebara Technologies introduces its latest dry vacuum pump, the Model EV-X Series. This new series bridges a gap in our energy savings dry vacuum pumps by contributing to productivity enhancements resulting in better process reliability and more stable operations.

The Model EV-X Series has a reduced footprint design with an integrated control panel optimized for internal control of gas temperatures. For example, the Model EV-X200N has a 38% footprint reduction versus previous 20k L/min class pumps. By reducing the cooling water and incorporating heaters, this new series offers a broader capability in medium to harsh application. These enhanced features are Ebara Technologies continuing efforts to reduce energy while improving production uptime.


                                    Wide application coverage, including light-medium-harsh duty processes:

                                  • Oxide/Poly/Metal Etch
                                  • Medium Duty PECVD Solutions
                                  • MOCVD or EPI
                                  • Implant
                                  • Strip or Ash
                                  • W-CVD

                                                                                                                                               “Model EV-X” is our model code.



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