Turbo Retrofit Solutions – Novellus Concept Two Speed

Novellus Concept Two Speed process chamber module comprises of (two) eight-inch diameter flanges that are fitted with two larger turbomolecular pumps. This configuration accommodates the high pumping speeds required to operate at the mTorr pressures necessary for these CVD processes. Over the last 20 years multiple pump models have been utilized and now are obsolete.  Supporting obsolete and old turbos pumps contribute to a higher cost of ownership (CoO) for the tool.

EBARA has developed a Novellus Speed Retrofit Kit that offers our customers an easy upgrade solution. Each kit comprises a set of higher performance 1,300 l/s maglevs with adjustable pumping speed to match specific process recipe requirements. All necessary hardware and cables are included in the kit allowing the equipment technician to complete the retrofit during a shift. Ebara also offers field service installation.

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