Austin Estes Recognized by LAM Research for Outstanding Work

EBARA Technologies Inc. is proud to announce that Austin Estes has been recognized by LAM Research for his immeasurable contribution to the startup and growth of LAM Research Korea Technology Center (KTC). Austin oversaw the startup and onboarding of EBARA Korea’s local team members to the Global Workplace Solutions (GWS) team at KTC. The GWS team is the organization at LAM that supports daily internal operations.

Austin’s project began in November 2021 and was com­pleted in November 2022. During this time, Austin relocated to South Korea and was responsible for train­ing new GWS team members on the proper installation and maintenance of EBARA’s Modular Pump and Abate­ment Systems.

Austin’s ability to manage the various demands of his role directly led to the successful implementation of EBARA’s systems at LAM KTC. We at EBARA Technologies Inc. congratulate Austin on his passion, and dedication during his year working with the LAM Research KTC GWS team.