The VSN® Temperature Control System supplies a complete network of temperature control by providing each system an Operator Interface Panel and PID VSN® Modules to each heater.

The New VSN® (Vision) heater control system is designed to make monitoring and controlling all of your thermal solutions simple. With a multi-color, high visibility LED “eye” built into each VSN® Module, and red LED display, you can take one look at your heaters and know the current status.

The VSN® Module can be operated as a free-standing PID temperature controller with RTD, J-Type, or K-Type Thermocouple feedback, capable of up to 7amps. Or along with a complete system Operator Interface that is capable of monitoring and controlling 1—8 strings with up to 128 VSN® Modules per string and 1024 VSN® Modules per OI.

The VSN® system is ETL approved to UL and CSA standards, in addition to being CE marked. See your future in Thermal Solutions with EBARA Vision (VSN®)