Products & Services for the Semiconductor Industry

EBARA is a leading supplier for the Semiconductor Industry with a broad product portfolio divided into two divisions: Components Division and System Equipment Division. The

Components Division provides state of the art vacuum exhaust management systems with Dry and Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps, and Point-of-Use Abatement systems. The System Equipment Division concentrates on Wafer Processing Equipment for Chemical Mechanical Polishing, as well as advanced Electro-Plating and Bevel Polishing equipment used in the manufacturing of semiconductors.

  • Dry Vacuum Pumps: Vacuum-based process systems used for upstream and downstream processes for semiconductors, including CVD, etching, and ion implantation.
  • Gas Abatement Systems: Treatment of harmful gases generated in production process.
  • Ozonized water generator: Cleaning of wafers; resist removal.
  • CMP system: Wafer processing; flattening.

Semiconductor technology supports various devices that are indispensable in everyday life, such as computers, smartphones, home appliances, vehicles, and medical equipment. The manufacture of semiconductors requires a vast number of processes, including etching, cleaning, thin film formation, ion implantation, and flattening. These processes use cutting-edge manufacturing systems and component devices that have met strict requirements in various aspects such as performance, reliability, safety, and environmental footprint. EBARA’s industry-leading technological capabilities support semiconductor production sites that are becoming increasingly complex and more efficient every day.