Point-of-Use Abatement

Point-of-Use Abatement Systems

EBARA Technologies Inc. offers a full line of comprehensive Point-of-Use (POU) Abatement systems for the exhaust treatment of effluent gases used in the manufacturing of semiconductor chips, photovoltaic cells, and flat panel displays.

EBARA’s POU abatement systems allow you to handle harmful gases safely in order to meet the toughest environmental challenges head-on. Each process poses its own unique challenges, and each company has its own safety policies and local regulations to adhere to.

We provide the optimum effluent gas treatment based on our own engineered products, strategic alliances, license agreements, and OEM distributed products. Our POU abatement systems include:

  • Combustion-wash
  • Catalytic
  • Dynamic Oxidation
  • Wet Scrubbing

All of EBARA’s abatement systems are designed for low cost of ownership, high reliability and strict compliance to safety standards.

Our experienced staff works hard to ensure that your exhaust management objectives are met and exceeded. From safe gas handling to meeting environmental challenges such as reducing greenhouse emissions, EBARA partners with you to offer the optimum POU abatement solution.

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Catalyst / Absorption

Application: Abatement
Standard Operation: PFC gases > 99.9%

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Combustion Wash

Application: Abatement
Standard Operation: PFC gases > 99.9%

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Wet Scrubber

Application: Semiconductor, Photovoltaic
Standard Operation: 2 HP mag-drive pump

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