Catalyst / Absorption

Point-of-Use Abatement Dry Bed Adsorption

EBARA's FDS Systems (Fluorine Dry Scrubber) are capable of abating most PFC gases > 99.9%. The technology utilizes a heated proprietary catalyst that both destructs and captures the fluorine compound for ultimate PFC gas treatment. The FDS Systems do not require any special fuels or water to abate the PFCs resulting in low facility requirements and zero waste water generated. Which is perfect for facilities that have to reduce their PFC gas but lack the infrastructure to support combustion-wash and catalytic-wash technologies.

EBARA offers three models, FDS100, FDS100D and FDS250. The FDS100 is sized for 100 liter per minute inlet gas flow and FDS250 is sized for 250 liter per minute inlet gas flows. The FDS100D and FDS250 have two reactor canisters with serial flow allowing for 100% uptime for abating the gases. FDS Systems can abate PFCs over 99.9% without producing other harmful by-products like NOx, SOx and hazardous solid wastes. The exhausted reagents are not hazardous and can be recycled and used as raw materials for other industrial processes resulting in zero total waste.

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