Air Cooled - Model EV-A

Air Cooled - Model EV-A

With EBARA’s unique compact construction results in low noise and low power consumption, this air-cooled pump series needs no coolant water enabling flexible installations suitable for many vacuum applications within various environments such as production plants, testing and research laboratories. The model EV-A Series air cooled dry vacuum pumps have industry leading specifications. The non-contact, multi-staged roots technology is designed for reliable, particle free vacuum generation. The wide range of pumping speeds and the compact form factor with air cooling enables a drop in replacement for a wide range of oil pumps and scroll pumps; no more frequent oil changes, costly rebuilds or base pressure drift.

Typical applications for EV-A dry pumps include load locks, PVD systems, analytical instruments, metrology equipment.

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Model EV-A03

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Pumping Speed : 250 l/min

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Model EV-A06

Pumping Speed : 600 l/min

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Model EV-A10P

Pumping Speed : 1,000 l/min

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