Particulate Removal

Particulate Traps

These traps remove particles that might enter the mechanical pump and contaminate the oil. Standard traps include a polyester felt filter that traps particles over 10 microns in size at 98% efficiency. Filters can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. They are suitable for process temperatures from ambient to 149°C (300°F). Filters with other micron ratings are available upon request.

Woven, 10 micron fiberglass filters are available as an option. They provide a much longer service life than a polyester filter. Fiberglass filter is required for temperatures greater than 149°C (300°F). Maximum fiberglass filter temperature is 370°C (698°F). Filters with other micron ratings are available upon request.

The high capacity fiberglass filter option provides a reservoir for applications with heavy particle loads that might block the inlet. The high capacity filter option is not available for 8 in bodies.

The two-piece trap body and 304 stainless steel construction allow these traps to be easily cleaned. For proper sealing, apply a light coating of Krytox lube when cleaning or replacing the O-ring. Standard finish is beadblast. Electropolish finish, large body sizes, ultra-high capacity, and custom flange configurations are available.

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Particulate Trap

Ebara Particulate Traps can be used to protect a variety of vacuum pumps from particulate, liquid, aerosol, and vapor contaminants.

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