Water Cooled

Water Cooled Traps

Water cooled traps protect mechanical pumps and other downstream components from condensable process gases and their by-products. They can extend or eliminate preventative maintenance intervals and pump overhauls. Ebara’s unique water cooled traps have up to three coils of corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel tubing to provide a large cold surface area.

Internal baffles combined with the coils create a perilous path for the gas flow, maximizing resident time and increasing contact between the gas and the coils. Depending on the application, house water or refrigerated water can be used to achieve the required temperature to cause by-products to pass from gas to solid phase. A 30 to 50 psi water supply is required. Anticipate a 1 gpm flow rate at 30 psi.

The two-piece trap body and 304 stainless steel construction allow these traps to be easily cleaned. Standard finish is beadblast. For proper sealing, apply a light coating of Krytox lube when cleaning or replacing the O-ring.

Quick Disconnect Fittings immediately shut off water flow from both directions for single handed, no-spill removal of the trap for preventative maintenance or O-ring replacement.

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Vapor Condenser

Leak Rate: 1 x 10-5 mbar L/s

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