Thermal Solutions

Thermal Management Systems for Gas Lines Exhaust Lines and Forelines

Pump line heating systems work to reduce buildup of solids in many LPCVD, PECVD, CVD, FPD, ALD and Metal Etch vacuum piping systems. The application of heat helps reduce particle generation and eliminates unscheduled maintenance downtime, improving the consistency of yields and saving time and money. Pump line heating systems are compliant with global guidelines and specifications.

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Nitrogen Box Heater

Ebara Technologies is taking new strides in order to provide the best maintenance for process operation and has created an innovative design to heat Nitrogen gas to temperatures of up to 200˚C.  With a flow capacity of 300 SLM, this is an excellent source of heated dilution gas for maintaining smooth operation.  LPCVD, Metal Etch, CVD, PECVD, FPD, and more can all benefit from heated dilution solutions to reduce undesirable temperature reactions during process.  This unit was designed with a built-in Ebara VSN temperature controller for plug-and play operation, and works together with the Ebara 10” touchscreen OI.

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Ceramic Fiber Cloth Heater Jackets

Our cloth style heater jackets are known for high temperature capabilities.  Standard jackets reach an operational max temperature of 220°C with additional builds capable of up to 510°C (custom extreme temperature builds available).  Powered with 120-240V, the high quality materials and design ensure uniform heating and accurate temperature monitoring with a built in high limit thermostat, control RTD, and individual jacket controller standard for every jacket.  Heater jackets are available for line diameters as small as ¼” and for any custom design.  Our standard jackets are made using a high quality PTFE outer and inner liner, ceramic fiber insulation, and sewn in hook and loop fasteners.  Jackets are fully customizable with multiple material, connector and sensor options.  Contact us for more information!

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EBARA’s EHG2 is a powerful thermal controller that integrates an adjustable set point temperature controller, high/low temperature alert, power switching device, and a high temperature safety limit.

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Controllers – HCS/HMI

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Ebara VSN Heater Control System

The VSN™ Temperature Control System supplies a complete network of temperature control by providing each system an Operator Interface Panel and PID VSN™ Modules to each heater.

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Silicone Rubber Heater Jackets

Silicone Rubber Heater Jackets reach a max temperature of 150 Degrees C.  Powered with 120 – 208V, the heaters use Zone control to operate and a single point EHG2 controller monitors the line collectively.  Made from vulcanized silicone rubber, the outer layer, insulation and heating element are extremely durable and flexible.  Standard snaps are fitted to ensure placement on the line.  Exact fit and trim-able sections are available for complete uniform heating.  Heaters for all shapes and sizes are available with custom design options as well.

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