Turbomolecular Pumps

Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps

All of EBARA’s turbomolecular pumps are compound turbo pumps, adding a second molecular drag stage to the same shaft. Adding this stage increases the compression ratio of the pump and also greatly increases the highest allowable foreline pressure of the pump.

EBARA Technologies, Inc. offers a full range of turbomolecular pumps for multiple applications.

EBARA EBT Ceramic Bearing Series

The EBT series of turbomolecular pumps is a full line of ceramic bearing pumps suitable for Analytical and R&D vacuum needs. The EBT Ceramic Bearing system is extremely rugged, making it ideal for mobile applications.


EBARA’s MagLev series turbomolecular pumps offer robust 5-axis MagLev technology. These pumps are designed for the harshest semiconductor processes as well as ultra-high vacuum and ultra-low vibration applications.

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Ceramic Bearing – Model EBT

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The compound turbo pumps in the EBT Series can be mounted in any orientation and are ideal for mobile applications. These pumps offer high pumping speed and high-volume light gas compression, making them ideal for UHV and analytical systems.

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MagLev – Model EMT

The EMT Series offers five major types of magnetic turbomolecular pumps, temperature-controlled, corrosion resistant, ultra-low vibration, radiation resistant, and ultra-high vacuum.

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