MagLev Bearing - Model EMT

MagLev Bearing - Model EMT

The EMT Series are magnetically levitated bearing compound turbomolecular pumps, an alternative to EBARA’s line of EBT Ceramic turbomolecular pumps. The MagLev – Model EMT series offer highly efficient, cost-effective solutions that provide clean and reliable vacuum generation for your high vacuum applications.

All EBARA MagLev pump part numbers reference pumping speed, flange type required and application. Use table below as a guide.

The EMT Series offers a magnetic bearing turbomolecular pump for many applications. All EBARA maglev turbo pumps feature wide pressure ranges with high gas flow capabilities.


Today’s semiconductor and advanced materials industries use corrosive gases which can corrode and form build up inside a turbomolecular pump. Selecting the wrong pump can result in a catastrophic pump failure. The ‘MI’ versions are equipped with corrosion resistant materials and thermal insulation structure. An integrated temperature management system controls operating temperatures to minimize byproduct formation and maintain reliable operation.


Ultrahigh vacuum models efficiently evacuate vacuum chambers from medium vacuum (10 Pa) down to the ultrahigh vacuum region (<10-7 Pa). Excellent light gas compression and bake out aids in achieving the lowest vacuum pressures.


EBARA’s ultra-low vibration model turbomolecular pump produce less than 1nm vibration amplitude – meeting today’s cutting edge challenges in EUV lithography, Micro-machining (MEMS), CD line width measurement, SEM/TEM Electron Microscopy, XPS and Nano-technology analytical tools.


EBARA’s radiation resistant model turbomolecular pump are specially designed for extreme environments. The vacuum seals and components of both pump and cables are replaced with radiation compatible materials. Working with high energy physics laboratories worldwide these units are proven to last up to 10x longer than conventional turbo pumps.

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Model EMT397

Pumping Speed N2 : 340 l/s

Inlet Flange options: ISO-K100, ISO-F100, CF100

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Model EMT427

Pumping Speed N2 : 400 l/s

Inlet Flange options: ISO-F160, CF160

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Model EMT907

Pumping Speed N2 : 900 l/s

Inlet Flange options: ISO-F160, CF160

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Model EMT1307

Pumping Speed N2 : 1300 l/s

Inlet Flange options: ISO-F200, CF200

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Model EMT2400

Pumping Speed N2 : 2400 l/s

Inlet Flange options: ISO-F250, CF250

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