MagLev Bearing - Model MK-R

MagLev Bearing - Model MK-R

The MK-R Series are magnetically levitated bearing compound turbomolecular pumps. A higher performance option with higher throughput capabilities than EBARA’s line of  EMT MagLev turbomolecular pumps. The MK-R series offer highly efficient, cost effective solutions that provide clean and reliable vacuum generation for your high vacuum applications.

All EBARA MagLev pump part numbers reference pumping speed, flange type required and application. Use table below as a guide.

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Model EMT1700MK-R

Pumping Speed N: 1650 l/s

Inlet Flange options: ISO-F200, CF200

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Model EMT2200MK-R

Pumping Speed N: 2200 l/s

Inlet Flange options: ISO-F250, CF250

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Model EMT3300MK-R

Pumping Speed N: 3300 l/s

Inlet Flange options: ISO-F320

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Model EMT4200MK-R

Pumping Speed N: 4200 l/s

Inlet Flange options: ISO-F400

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