CF Flanges & Fittings

Conflat Flanges & Fittings

ConFlat (CF) Flanges & Fittings compress a gasket between two flanges to create a vacuum tight seal and are typically used for ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications.


Crosses can be used as junctions for both equal and different tubing sizes or flange types.

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Elbows allow for turns and accommodate alignment of vacuum hardware.

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ConFlat (CF) flanges come in fixed and rotatable styles, with clearance and tapped bolt holes.

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Flexible Bellows

Flexible Bellows can be used for joining one section to another.

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Nipples can be fitted to equal or reduced sized flanges on each end of a tube section. Tube sections are offered in straight or conical versions.

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Reducers allow for flanges of different sizes to be linked together.

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Tees accommodate junctions or allow for alignment of hardware and are offered in equal and reducing versions.

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