Vacuum Gauges

Vacuum Gauges

EBARA Technologies, Inc. offers a wide range of compact vacuum gauges sure to meet all of your measurement needs, including:

  • Pirani
  • Pirani/Capacitance
  • Pirani/Ionization
  • Pirani/Capacitance/Ionization covering pressures from Atmosphere to Ultra-High Vacuum.

We also offer a range of Power Supply Display Units that can control all the gauges, or can be powered by the user while utilizing the gauge output or the optional gauge mounted display. Gauges are available with either KF or CF flanges and with or without process control setpoint outputs.

EBARA Technologies, Inc.’s vacuum pump gauges can be used in a wide variety of applications including Loadlocks, PVD Systems, Analytical Systems and a wide variety of others. Learn more about the product specs below or contact us for more information.

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