Bevel polishing system – Model EAC

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EBARA’s Model EAC is a bevel polishing system to address an edge and/or its surrounding area of semiconductor wafer for defect removal.



  • Robust Polish/Removal Capability using Fixed Abrasive
  • Contact Free concept to Device surface during process
  • Bevel Profile Control Capability
  • Wide/Flexible process area coverage (Top Edge ~ Bevel ~ Backside)
  • Reliable Polishing
  • High throughput
  • Damage treatment
  • No contamination


  • Mechanical polishing top edge, bevel, and notch area
  • Clean and reshape bevels
  • Accurate polishing profile control
  • Physical polish with high effective touch-ups
  • Removal of any films even SI
  • Trench etching
  • Power device maker