Model EV-M302N

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The Model EV-M302N dry vacuum pumps are designed for high-load applications where large volumes of reaction byproducts are generated. Its outstanding power consumption performance and enhanced corrosion resistance, as a standard, support a broad range of industry applications.

Typical applications for EV-M dry pumps include high load applications such as Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), a variety of etch and CVD processes and harsher TEOS processes that require the best vacuum performance and optimum uptime.

Pumping Speed (60 Hz): 30,000 l/min



  • Various Booster & Exhaust Thermal Configurations (Process Dependent)
  • ESD Resistance
  • Idle Mode (Green Energy Mode)
  • Hardware: Seismic Brackets
  • Pump Systems – Integrated Rack Solutions
  • Pump Installation Lifts
  • Reusable Shipping Crates


  • Oil-Free
  • Low Energy Consumption: High Performance Brushless DC Motors
  • Compact/Lightweight Small Footprint
  • Various Pump Configurations According to Process Applications
  • Low Cost of Ownership [Power, N2, Water, Footprint, Volume, Weight]
  • Environmental-Responsive High Torque Motor
  • High-Temperature Operation Control
  • Advanced Warning & Alarm Data Storage Capability
  • Advanced Sensing Function Reduces Product Down Time
  • Identical Pumping Performance Regardless of Frequency (50/60 Hz)
  • High Thermal Profile & NiResist Construction Material


  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Processes Including LPCVD, HDP-CVD, SACVD & PE-CVD
  • Etching Process Including Nitride & Oxide
  • Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP)
  • TEOS Processes

Specifications - Model EV-M302N

Pumping SpeedL/min1,80010,00020,00030,00050,00080,000
Ultimate PressurePa50.5
ConnectionGas InletNW40ISO100ISO160ISO200
Gas OutletNW40
Approx. Power at Ultimate PressurekW1.
UtilityCoolingFlow rateL/min3~83.5~84~85~8
WaterTemperatureMax. 30
N2 GasApprox. Flow ratePa•m3/s26~3128~33
Power SupplyPhase/Volt/Freq.200V Model3Phase/200V/50Hz
400V Model3Phase/380-400V/50Hz
460V Model3Phase/440-460V/50Hz
Power capacitykVA3.35.466.87.18.3