Model ESR200W

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Typical applications for the Model ESR200W dry vacuum pump include load locks, SEM, Etch, CVD, PVD, Ashing and Ion Implant processes that require the best vacuum performance and optimum uptime.

The ESR Series vacuum pumps achieve a low cost of ownership by integrating precision machining, multiple pumping stages, improved DC motors and intelligent controls for throttle adjustments and idle mode utilizations.

Pumping Speed (60 Hz): 10,000~20,000 l/min



  • NiResist Cast Material for Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Alternate Exhaust Thermal Configurations (Process Dependent)
  • On Tool Configurations Models
  • ESD Resistance
  • Idle Mode (Green Energy Mode)
  • Hardware: Seismic Brackets
  • Pump Systems – Integrated Rack Solutions
  • Pump Installation Lifts
  • Reusable Shipping Crates


  • Oil-Free
  • Low Energy Consumption: High Performance Brushless DC Motors
  • Compact/Lightweight Small Footprint
  • Various Pump Configurations According to Process Applications
  • Low Cost of Ownership [Power, N2, Water, Footprint, Volume, Weight]
  • Identical Pumping Performance Regardless of Frequency (50/60hz)
  • No Nitrogen Purge Required for ESR20N in Clean Applications
  • Variable Pumping Speed to Match Application Requirements
  • State-Of-The-Art Control and Monitoring Devices
  • Enhanced Corrosion Performance: NiResist Nickel Alloy Construction Material
  • SEMI S2, CE and NRTL


  • Ashing
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
  • Clean Gas Processes
  • Etching
  • Ion Implant
  • Load Lock and Transfer
  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)
  • SEM
  • Sputtering

Specifications - Model ESR200W

Pumping SpeedL/min1,300~30004,000~4,000~10,000~30,00046,000
Ultimate PressurePa20.53-0.670.2-
ConnectionGas InletNW40NW50NW100ISO160
Gas OutletNW40
Approx.Power at Ultimate PressurekW0.71.711.12.93.1
UtilityCoolingFlow rateL/min2~83.5~82~82~53.5~8
WaterTemperatureMax. 30
N2 GasApprox. Flow ratePa•m3/s19~2219~2217~2217~2219~22
N2-0 Mode0-3.4-3.4-4-3.4
Power SupplyPhase/Volt/Freq.200V Model3Phase/200V/50Hz
400V Model3Phase/380-400V/50Hz
Power capacitykVA47810.612.3