Ultra-High Concentration Clean Ozonizer – OZC Series

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EBARA’s ozone-related equipment includes the Ultra High Concentration Clean Ozonizer (Ozone Gas Generator, OZC) which produces high concentrations of virtually impurity free ozone gas by using a unique trench discharge cell system developed by EBARA.



The ozonizer operates on the corona discharge principal (passing oxygen through an electric field of high potential) and employs a high-performance trench discharger that differs from conventional ozone generator methods. The trench discharger is designed to have more surface area and is cooled by city water, creating large concentrations of ozone per unit discharge area.


  • Steadily produces large volumes of ozone at ultra-high concentrations.
  • Achieves ultra clean ozone through the implementation of ceramic-coated electrodes and a sapphire dielectric.
  • Reduced footprint due to high volumes of ozone produced per unit of discharge area.
  • Equipped with ozone leak detector as standard equipment.
  • S2-93 compliant design. CE model available.
  • Basic Operation: Oxygen is passed through the trench discharger (an electric field) thus ionizing the oxygen molecules to react and produce ozone gas. The customer then can take the ozone gas and uses per their application.


  • SACVD TEOS based SiO2 deposition
  • Dry photoresist ashing
  • Sputtering
  • Dry and wet cleaning
  • Surface oxidation
  • Annealing of oxide layers
  • Ultrapure water disinfecting