Model PJ
Model PJ

Model PJ

EBARA's PJ delivers high-pressure plunger pumps for single wafer jet cleaning with ultra-pure water. Pump surface purity is maintained through electrolytic polishing of the interior surfaces. Simple pump construction has minimized the area which comes in contact with the ultra-pure water and has eliminated the mixing of particles produced from the seal parts with the jet water.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple construction: One wafer can be cleaned with one stroke operation. Simple construction and minimal movement decreases the number of particles produced.
  • Clean sealing: Anti-dust wipers prevent particles produced in the high pressure seal part from entering the discharge water
  • Always clean: Overflow construction keeps the pump filled with fresh water even when the pump is not operating. Because there is no stationary water, the growth of bacteria can be prevented while the startup time after a long shutdown period is reduced.
  • Simple maintenance: Clean discharge water makes filter replacement trouble-free.


Pump discharge pressure, Mpa 5, 10
Discharge flow rate, mL 50 (max)/stroke
Required air pressure Mpa 0.4
Dimensions (L x W x H mm) in (200 x 410 x 270) 7.9 x 16.1 x 10.6