Ceramic Fiber Cloth Heater Jackets

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Our cloth style heater jackets are known for high temperature capabilities.  Standard jackets reach an operational max temperature of 220°C with additional builds capable of up to 510°C (custom extreme temperature builds available).  Powered with 120-240V, the high-quality materials and design ensure uniform heating and accurate temperature monitoring with a built-in high limit thermostat, control RTD, and individual jacket controller standard for every jacket.

Heater jackets are available for line diameters as small as ¼” and for any custom design.  Our standard jackets are made using a high-quality PTFE outer and inner liner, ceramic fiber insulation, and sewn in hook and loop fasteners.  Jackets are fully customizable with multiple material, connector and sensor options.  Contact us for more information!


Cloth style Heaters containing heating elements and built in insulation for uniform temperature control with standard lengths and custom design to fit options.  Uniform High-temperature range up to 510°C (max 220°C for standard components) and built in high and low limit thermostats.  Control options include “Individual Control” heating for uniform heater control (Each heater is monitored in individually in real time using a touchscreen control unit) and Zone control (Separate strings that are monitored collectively).

Standard as 120-208V, heater diameters are available from ¼” to 8” with existing designs for Flanges, Elbows, Valves, etc.  Heaters have easy on and off capabilities with standard Hook and Loop fasteners.  Heater jackets have a high-quality construction (PTFE layering), long service life, are clean room compatible, and are UL®, CE, and SEMI S2-93 compliant.