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The HMI (a 7” touchscreen display) works in tandem with the HCS modules (individual PID controllers) to display real time heater data and modify the settings within the heater system.  This allows for individual control and monitoring of all heaters within a system for excellent heater uniformity.  The HMI unit displays real time data from the HCS controllers including temperature, set points, high and low limit alarm settings and alarm recording.  The HMI also provides power to the HCS controllers through RJ45 cables.  The HCS units attached to each heater section to provide individual heater control and are linked together with RJ45 cables.  These PID temperature controllers monitor and control all the temperature settings for each heater and display a tri-color LED status light for a quick heater status indication.



  • Easy-to-use, full-color touchscreen interface
  • Control multiple chambers, lines, and tools from one interface (up to 4 different lines of heaters)
  • Expandable: It grows as your application grows
  • Capable of integrating with your central monitoring system


  • Precise temperature control throughout heating system
  • Improves system temperature uniformity
  • Complete fab and foundry heating system integration


  • Semiconductor Processing
    • Gas delivery lines
    • Pump foreline
    • Pump exhaust lines
  • Life Sciences
    • Laboratory equipment
    • Medical equipment