Silicone Rubber Heater Jackets

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Silicone Rubber Heater Jackets reach a max temperature of 150 Degrees C.  Powered with 120 – 208V, the heaters use Zone control to operate and a single point EHG2 controller monitors the line collectively.  Made from vulcanized silicone rubber, the outer layer, insulation and heating element are extremely durable and flexible.

Standard snaps are fitted to ensure placement on the line.  Exact fit and trim-able sections are available for complete uniform heating.  Heaters for all shapes and sizes are available with custom design options as well.


Silicone Rubber Heaters containing heating element and attached insulation for uniform temperature control, standard lengths and cut to length options which can be customized as needed.  Uniform mid- temperature range (max 150 Degrees C).  Control style is “Zone Control” heating (Separate strings that are monitored collectively).

Standard as 120 – 208V, heater diameters are available from ¼” to 8” with existing designs for Flanges, Elbows, Valves, etc.  Heater jackets have a high-quality construction (vulcanized silicone), long service life, easy on and off capabilities with standard Snap fasteners, are clean room compatible, and UL®, CE, NEC, and SEMI S2-93 compliant.