Model EBT800

List Price

Pumping Speed N2 : 820 l/s

Inlet Flange options: ISO-F160, CF160



The Model EBT800 Series are mechanical ceramic bearing compound turbomolecular pumps. The Model EBT800 series are highly efficient, cost-effective solutions that provide clean and reliable vacuum generation for your high vacuum applications.

Each model in the Model EBT800 range offers exceptional value and is equipped with precision ceramic bearings for years of trouble-free operation (>30,000 hrs before replacement). The new compound design rotors can withstand infrequent shock treatment during high flow or vent conditions. Improved efficiency results in higher pumping speeds and gas compression. This accommodates higher foreline pressures making them ideal for multiple applications including UHV, mobile vacuum carts and analytical systems.

All EBARA EBT Series compound turbomolecular pumps are available with optional water or fan cooling and various flange configurations ISO-K, ISO-F, and Conflat.

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Specifications - Model EBT800

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