Ebara provides a broad range of adapter fittings in order to connect two dissimilar types of components. They are made from 304 or 316L stainless steel and are TI G welded, cleaned and leak checked for vacuum service. Tube finishes are normally bead blasted. However, tumbled or electropolished finish can be provided upon request.

Flanges and nipples used to adapt different sizes of the same flange type are called reducers. They are listed in the flanges and fittings section for the particular flange type. For example, CF zero length reducer flanges are listed in the CF section of Flanges and Fittings.

Flange-to-Flange Adapters

Flange-to-flange adapter fittings are used as a transition between two dissimilar flange types. We offer adapter fittings with flange combinations for CF (Conflat), NW (ISO-KF), ISO and ASA (ANSI) components as standards.

We frequently provide other flange combinations as options. These include wire seal, JIS, MESC, and EVAC flanges. Flange-to-flange adapter nipples usually have a short length of straight tubing between the two flanges. Where possible, we offer conical adapters as an option to reduce conductance loss at the opening of the larger flange. Ebara also offers adapter tees and crosses with ISO and NW flanges.

Flange-to-Fitting Adapters

Flange-to-fitting adapters are commonly used on chamber ports to connect flanges to special fittings. Nor-Cal offers these with CF, NW, ISO and ASA flanges for Swagelok, male and female VCR, quick disconnect, male and female NPT, ball socket and Welch pump fittings as standards. Other combinations can be supplied quickly as alternatives.