EBARA Gauge Controller

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EBARA Gauge Controller (Model EGC-1000, Model EGC-3000) are your complete solution for process measurement and control. Compatible with all EBARA gauges, The Model EGC controllers can monitor the entire pressure range from 10-10 to 1500 mbar (10-10 to 1125 Torr) and the setpoint status.



  • Automatic identification of the connected EBARA Gauges
  • User selectable measurement unit (mbar, Torr, Pascal, micron)
  • Hight resolution – 16 bit A/D converter
  • Up to six adjustable setpoints with adjustable hysteresis, may be assigned to any channel
  • Programmable 0 to 10 V chart recorder output with logarithmic / liner characteristics for each gauge or gauge combination (Model EGC-3000 only)
  • Versatile, compact bench-top model design can be easily mounted in a panel or 19″ rack
  • Wide range power supply 90 to 250V, 50 to 60Hz


  • Fore and high vacuum pressure measurement
  • Pressure display in any vacuum range from just below atmosphere to ultra-high vacuum


EBARA Gauge Controllers Data Sheet

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