Model EGT
Triple Gauge - Model EGT

Triple Gauge - Model EGT

EBARA Technologies, Inc. Triple gauges combine the measurement range of a Pirani gauge, the high vacuum measurement range of a hot cathode ionization gauge and the gas independent atmospheric accuracy of a capacitance gauge. The gauges can be controlled via rack mount power supply/display units or can be powered by the user while utilizing the gauge output or the optional gauge mounted display. EBARA Technologies, Inc. Triple gauges are available with either KF or CF flanges. EBARA Technologies, Inc. Triple gauges would typically be used in high vacuum applications that require accuracy at atmosphere such as a high vacuum loadlock.

Features & Benefits

  • EGT450 saves cost and tool space and reduces the complexity of vacuum measurement, installation and setup
  • Gas-type-independent pressure measurement above 10 Torr provides more reliable loadlock control for any gas mixture
  • Pirani interlock protects the hot filament from premature burnout
  • Automatic high vacuum Pirani adjustment reduces operator interventions
  • Differential pressure measurement at atmosphere eliminates uncertainty related to atmospheric pressure changes
  • Easy-to-exchange sensing element with on-board calibration data guarantees reproducibility
  • Optional graphic display and Fieldbus interfaces available
  • RoHS compliance


  • Pressure measurement in semiconductor process and transfer chambers
  • Industrial coating
  • General vacuum measurement and control in the low and ultra high vacuum range


TYPE UNIT EGT450 Standard EGT450 Display
Measurement range mbar (Torr) 5 x 10-10 ...1500 (3.75x10-10 ...1125)
Accuracy 10-8...10-2 mbar % of reading
1x10-2...50 mbar % of reading
50...950 mbar % of reading
950...1050 mbar % of reading
Repeatability 10-8...10-2 mbar % of reading 5
Hot ion emission on
(selectable high / low,
via RS232 / Fieldbus)
2x10-2 (high)
8x10-3 (low)
Degas 1) p < 7.2x10-6 mbar electron bombardment, max. 3 min
Supply voltage V / A DC 20...28 / 0.8
Output signal analog
Measurement range
Relation voltage / pressure
Error signal
Minimum load
V / Decade
0.3 / 0.5
Interface (digital)2)   RS232C
Connector   D-sub, 15 pin, male
Cable length, max.3) m (ft) 100 (330)
Materials exposed to vacuum   Yt203, Ir, Mo, Cu, W, NiFe, NiCr, Al2O3, SnAg, stainless steel, glass