Bump Plating
Bump Plating System

Bump Plating System

This device, a semiconductor wafer bump, rewiring, and forms of electroplating equipment installation clean room to form a fine pattern for wiring and mounting. Adopted by dip plating equipment to achieve the high quality of the plated bump and wiring. And compared with the conventional cup method, and succeeded in saving space even though it is a clean room with high throughput..

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent in-plane uniformity
  • Ebara Uehahoruda adoption of its own, there is no plating to deposit the wafer backside and edge
  • There is no lack of cell plating
  • High throughput
  • Small Footprint
  • Can easily accommodate a variety of plating processes
  • Detoxification of lead and cyanide
  • Recovery and reuse of drainage (closed systems)


  • Solder bumps (eutectic solder, high melting point lead-free solder)
  • Gold bumps (cyan bath, non-cyanide bath)
  • Copper bumps, copper, copper pole (copper sulfate bath)
  • Nickel
  • Magnetic film (Fe20-Ni80, Fe50-Ni50)