Ebara Technologies, Inc. now offers 3D laser scanning via our new partnership with ZELUS. Laser scanning provides highly accurate as-built information of all areas within your facility including the clean space, sub-RMF, chase, and sub-fab areas. The benefits of this information for ongoing operations include facility maintenance, predesign 3D modeling, BIM coordination, and an overall reduction of labor and material expense of nothing less than 10%.

Together Ebara and ZELUS are offering a value-added service to provide you with the state-of-the-art industry technology. This technology is used for renovation, new tool installs, and ongoing daily operations of your plant facility. Additional benefits of laser scanning to capture 3D measurement include pre-fabrication, identification of points-of-connections, and QA/QC. This service is safe and can be done during normal plant operations. We can also capture interstitial spaces, and other difficult areas such as below raised metal floor. Architect/engineering firms are better able to match a design model against existing conditions during preplanning stages which allows for compression of the tool installation.

For more information visit: https://www.zelus.xyz/