EBARAClean Cleaning Services

EBARAClean is an enhanced parts cleaning and assembly solution that exists to extend parts use and performance with superior cost savings. EBARA offers a wide range of parts cleaning capabilities ranging from media blasting to ultrasonic cleaning. The fully customizable EBARAClean kit management system enables our customers to extend the life of their parts, create a more predictable PM schedule and most importantly cut operation costs by refurbishing and recycling existing parts and assemblies.

EBARA’s ISO Quality Assurance program guarantees your parts will be treated with the utmost care providing a complete critical dimension report that meets your needs. EBARAClean provides fast, consistent, reliable cleaning services. EBARA Technologies is committed to providing a total sub-fab solution based on servicing your products, enabling the end-user to focus on what you do best manufacturing!


  • Chemical Cleaning / Stripping / Solvents Cleaning
  • Part Surface Treatments
  • Copper Segregation
  • Decontamination
  • CO2 Cleaning
  • Media Blasting (Parts Surface Texturing)
  • DI Water Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • EBARAClean Kit Management System
  • In House Machining and Welding
  • Hermetically Sealed Packaging
  • Nitrogen Purge Oven Drying
  • Local Pickup & Delivery
  • Large Parts Capabilities