Ebara Technologies Partners with Local Parts Cleaning Company

With 30 years of experience, Persys is an industry leader that provides precision cleaning services for the Semiconductor industry. Together with Ebara, Persys can offer value-add services based on these main pillars; precision cleaning for new parts, part cleaning and decontamination services, refurbishment and thermal Coating.

Precision Cleaning for New Parts

Persys performs precision cleaning for new parts prior to their use in the Semiconductor, Magnetic, Solar, Optics and Aerospace industries, where even a microscopic contaminant can impact the overall safety and quality of the equipment and product. They tailor the process to meet the stringent specs of every customer, allowing them to better manage planning and procurement.

Part Cleaning and Decontamination Services

Persys cleans, restores, and decontaminates used parts and equipment to support sustainable operations and reduce procurement expenses. After decontamination, parts are repackaged in clean rooms and delivered to the customer, ready to use.



Persys helps you maximize the potential of your machinery rather than disposing of outdated or malfunctioning equipment.

Persys can dissemble the existing equipment to salvage usable components and replace damaged parts; maximizing your resources and reducing costs with our engineering expertise and experience.

Thermal Coating

Persys can also provide different types of thermal coating applications that increase part efficiency and lifespan, including Plasma Coating and Arc Spray (TWAS) on new or used parts and components.

To learn more about these offerings, please contact us at partscleaning@ebaratech.com

For more information on Persys Engineering, please visit: https://persysgroup.com/industries/

To download ETI & Persys Parts Cleaning Services flyer and learn more about the services we offer

click the following link: EBARA – Persys Parts Cleaning – Flyer 2022