Vacuum & Abatement Technology Training & Demonstration Facility

EBARA Technologies, Inc. offers a world-class training experience for vacuum pumps and abatement systems. The mix of classroom and hands-on experience will train you to understand the tool functions as well as perform what you’ve learned. We want you to walk away from their training with both confidence in and excitement about your EBARA products.

  • Located in Sacramento, CA
  • Staffed by EBARA’s Industry-Leading Engineering Group
  • Performance Based Equipment Training (PBET)

Available Training For

  • Rough Vacuum Pumps
  • High Vacuum Pumps
  • Point-of-Use Abatement
  • Thermal Solutions

Customizable Training Courses

  • Comprehensive Pump and Abatement Operations
  • Maintenance Practices
  • Safety Precautions
  • System Setting up, Operating, Resetting
  • Troubleshooting Issues


  • Thorough Understanding of the Machine Functions
  • Performing Supervised Procedures by PBET-Certified Engineers
  • Customizable Program Certification
  • Hands-On Experience with EBARA Products