Global values and attitudes of the EBARA Group are driven by enthusiasm and sincerity with the aspiration of contributing to society with high ethical standards. Each subsidiary takes pride in supporting its society, industry, and development of creative products or services. All of which are based on fair and free competition principles, while also giving consideration to improving the environment.

Entering 2022, EBARA has strengthened its position for a stage of growth and a path to tackle sustainable development by creating a secure infrastructure, realizing economic developments, carbon neutrality and innovation of governance.

EBARA Group’s continuous ESG management improvement is supported by participation in United Nations Global Compact and other critical international initiatives. We work to reduce the environmental burdens such as water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints by maximizing use of renewable energies, waste reduction, recycling and smart manufacturing programs. One achievement goal being a dramatic reduction of greenhouse gases (~10M tons of CO2) while supporting complex, next generation, 14 angstrom semiconductor device manufacturing.

As the North American EBARA subsidiary, we in-turn pursue the development of products and services that contribute to the sustainable use of natural resources and the resolution of social issues, with high efficiency and with reuse in mind.

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