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Vacuum and Exhaust Management Solutions for the Compound Semiconductor Market


Vacuum and Exhaust Management Solutions for the Solar/Photovoltaic Market

General Vacuum

Serving Markets that Utilize Vacuum Technology

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Components Division

The Ebara Technologies, Inc. Components Division supplies advanced vacuum and abatement technologies focused on semiconductor, photovoltaic and R&D.

  • Dry Vacuum Pumps
  • Turbomolecular Pumps
  • Point-of-Use Abatement
  • Exhaust Heaters & Traps
  • Vacuum Hardware
  • Related services

Systems Division

The Ebara Technologies, Inc. Systems Division supplies advanced technologies to front-end and back-end semiconductor manufacturing for 200 mm and 300mm.

  • Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP)
  • Wafer Plating Systems
  • Bevel and Backside Clean Treatment Systems
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Product Spotlight


The Ebara DOU-SC utilizes a dynamic oxidation and water scrubbing system that is safe, efficient and cost effective

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Key Benefits of Choosing Our Products

Low Energy Consumption

Low Energy Consumption

Our high-efficiency products reduce overall energy consumption.

High Pumping Speeds

High Pumping Speeds

Our products have high pumping speeds at atmosphere

Low Noise

Low Noise

Our latest enhancements include low noise and low vibration

Low Cost of Ownership

Low Cost of Ownership

Our models have low cost of ownership [Power, N2, Water, Footprint, Volume, Weight]

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